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More familiarly, much more beautifully

Based on the traditional craft technique of urushi-lacquer painting which is inherited from ancient times in Japan, j cocomo pursues a production in which the tradition and a playful touch coexist, hoping to pass on Japanese senses of “Cocoro (heart)/Coto (intangible things)/Mono (tangible things)”.

While inheriting our traditional techniques and materials, we are developing new products which correspond to the contemporary lifestyle and for professional use such as for contract food service. Our product development aims to spread the concept of “Wa” in Japanese culture to the next generation and to the world.

In the most ideal areas of production, with the most ideal techniques.

The products of j cocomo are handmade by Japanese urushi-lacquer artisans. Taking advantage of our own network within the industry in Japan, we choose appropriate areas and artisans that possess required techniques to realize the expected design for the product, and build a production line.

We promise that every product we deliver to you will have the rare quality of warmth and sincerity in it.

Our "Fudan" is a series of Urushi tableware for everyday use. Fudan products are also designed for professional use as well.


"Milieu" Chopsticks by j cocomo are made in Wakasa area, Fukui, where the majority of Urushi chopsticks are made in Japan.



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j cocomo Co.,Ltd.


Keiko Nakamura


206, 2-4-29 Kiyokawa Chuou-ku Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka, 810-0005 JAPAN

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July 2 , 2013


Using traditional Japanese lacquer , we create and convey our new style of products to the world.


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Thank you for your interest in our products. We welcome retailers and resellers with a keen sense of lifestyle and tableware who can be successful ambassadors of j cocomo brand. Whether your store is well established, opening soon or online we are ready to help you help your customers change their lifestyle.